Basketball Bonanza Information

Updates: We lost a couple of participating teams on short notice, and we have had to adjust. While this
is not what we hope for in our Basketball Bonanza, we are asking you to help us make the most of it.
Please, join us to support our student-athletes, Booster Club, and our community. We look forward to
seeing you all this weekend!
Concessions: The Ione Booster Club sponsors a great concession stand during the tournament. Although
food and drinks are allowed in the gym, please do not make a mess. We ask people to stay off the gym
with their street shoes, including teams.

Ticket Prices: Price of admission per day is $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for students (K-12). Senior
Citizens and students under 5 are free. Fans leaving the gymnasium during or after a contest should have
their hands stamped. Only OSAA approved passes (Gold card, Media pass, etc.) for the 2022-23 school
year will be honored.

New Schedule
Friday, Dec. 2nd
Game #1: 4:30 PM - Boys Varsity: Irrigon (home) v. Joseph
Game #2: 6:00 PM - Girls Varsity: Irrigon (home) v. Joseph
Game #3: 7:30 PM - Boys JV: Ione/Arlington (home) v. Joseph
Saturday, Dec. 3
Game #1: 2:30 PM - Boys JV: Ione/Arlington(home) v. Joseph
Game #2: 4:00 PM - Girls Varsity: Ione/Arlington (home) v. Joseph
Game #3: 5:30 PM - Boys Varsity: Ione/Arlington (home) v. Joseph