JoAnne Lamb, Mary Rosenberg & Supt. Rollie Marshall

Ione School is proud to announce our 2021 Crystal Apple Winners! They are:

Mary Rosenberg,  3rd Grade Teacher
JoAnna Lamb, Instructional Aide

Here is some information about our winners:
Mary Rosenberg is a Third Grade Teacher at Ione School and has worked there for three years. Energetic and passionate about education, she is committed to innovation in education and always looks for ways to reach her students in a real, meaningful, and creative ways. Mary is a strong, caring and concerned advocate for her students, ensuring they are provided the tools necessary for success. “Mary creates a classroom environment that welcomes all students, celebrates their differences and strengths and engages each individual as a vital member of the school family.”

JoAnna Lamb is an Instructional Aide who has worked for two years at Ione School. Described as a huge asset to the academic team, her professionalism and knowledge of student behavior is outstanding. JoAnna makes it a priority to understand her students' backgrounds so she can better encourage their success. She is a self-motivator who reads books and articles, and attends seminars to increase her knowledge base. “We have no one on staff with more patience, kindness, or compassion for students than JoAnna.”

The winners received their apples at an awards ceremony on Monday, May 10th in Echo. Congratulations!