Here's What's Happening...

May 25th

National Honor Society induction will be held tonight at 5:30, followed by high school awards at 6:00.


Congratulations to Maia Fuchs, who has been accepted to the Montana Arabic Summer Institute sponsored by the U.S. National Security Agency.  Maia has been teaching herself Arabic for the last three years, so this will be a wonderful experience.


Library books need to be turned back in! All seniors need to have their books in before graduation.


The word of the day is hypnagogic:  related to or inducing drowsiness, as in “a hypnagogic lecture on the history of the Oxford comma.”


Lunch:        Spaghetti with breadstick

                   Corn dog

                   Salad Bar


May 25

  • Grades 3/4 to Tamastslikt
  • Honor Society Induction  5:30 PM
  • HS Awards  6 PM

May 26

  • 7/8 Grades to BMCC

May 27

  • Band Fun Day in Tri Cities

May 30

  • No school Memorial Day


Employment Opportunities

Mid Columbia Producers 

Morrow Co Road Dept- Flaggers