Course Syllabus - Entrepreneurship

Course description

This course is an introduction to basic shop and business skills with an emphasis on safety, marketing and applied carpentry.

Grading policy and grading scale:

  • 100% to 90%  -A
  • 89% to 80% - B
  • 79% to 70% - C
  • 69% to 60% - D
  • 59% to 0 % - F

Brief outline of expectations:

Students will work in a safe, productive and organized manner.  Students are expected to have regular attendance so products can be manufactured in a timely manner.  Students need to be dressed in proper clothing for daily shop work.  Proper eye and foot protection must be worn at all times in the shop. Any behavior or actions in the shop that are unsafe will be immediate removal form the shop to the office.

Shop fee

There will be a $10.00 fee for all junior high shop students.