Course Syllabus - 9th Grade American History, 1st Semester

Area of Study

Students will focus on the study of American History from The Civil War to World War I. In addition to the historical study of the United States, students will examine the political, social, and cultural aspects of America during this period of history.


The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century. McDougal Little Publishers.


The first 5-10 minutes of every class will include the following:

  • Monday-Where in the World? (Students are given clues about a place in the world)
  • Tuesday-Who am I? (Students are given clues about a famous person in history)
  • Wednesday-Quote of the Day (Students write their thoughts on a given quote)
  • Thursday-History/Geography Trivia Worksheet

Each assignment is worth up to five points each. These assignments cannot be made up if the student is absent, nor will any late assignments from the daily work will be accepted.


Typically, homework assignments come from questions out of the textbook, worksheets, and map assignments. An analysis paper will be assigned during the 2nd Quarter.


Unless specified on the assignment, all late work will receive a deduction of one letter grade for each day past the due date. After four school days, a maximum of ½ credit can be earned. For excused absences, everyday the student is absent, he/she has that many days past the original due date to turn in the assignment for full credit. Special circumstances will be handled on an individual basis.


There is a test/quiz after each chapter or unit. Tests are usually matching and multiple choice questions, with some short answer and/or essay questions. Students are informed of test dates at least one week in advance and a study guide may be provided. There are in-class review activities, both as a class and individually. There will be a semester final.


  • 90-100 A
  • 80-89 B
  • 70-79 C
  • 60-69 D
  • 0-59 F


Students should bring to class everyday their textbook, assignments, notebook/folder with paper, pen or pencil, and be on-time. Remember, no gum, candy, or any other food or drink is allowed in class. Minor rule infractions will be handled in-class. Major infractions will be referred to the office and follow the student handbook guidelines.